If you read the last blog post you know where Mons Royale comes from and that we introduced a new generation of mountain users the miracle fabric, merino by creating technical street wear.

At Mons we are constantly experimenting with ever lighter and more breathable blends and structures of merino fabric. In doing so we came to realise that merino Why  that works just as well in high summer as it does in the depths of winter.

So many of the Mons family take to two wheels when the snow melts that it was a logical progression for us to start testing our gear on bikes. There was a widely held belief that wool would be too heavy and too hot for bikes. But with our Merino Air-Con fabric we have created a super light, quick drying and durable fabric that is super versatile. No matter what the mountain throws at you in terms of temperature changes and humidity our Air-Con fabric will act as your own personal climate control system.



The misconception that wool cannot be used in summer is slowly but surely disappearing. We know this because everyone who doesn’t get paid to ride for a brand who make plastic shirts and has tried a Mons won’t go back. Why ride a polluting polypropolene shirt that will end up stinking in landfill when you can ride a far more technically advanced, natural fabric?

This is the question we asked ourselves and this is the reason we’re making bike apparel.

See you on the hill.

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