At Mons Royale we always aim to do things the right way, respecting the people we work with and by showing a high regard for animal welfare and the environment. We are proud to partner with ZQ Merino.

ZQ Merino

ZQ is a hallmark that certifies a farmer is meeting the highest standards in the areas of animal welfare, environmental care, and social sustainability.

The ZQ Merino programme was launched to help people understand that their textile choices can be a reflection of their beliefs and that Merino, grown the right way, is a smartand sustainable choice.


The ZQ merino we use in every Mons Royale garment can be traced directly to the farm it came from.

Fibre Quality

The ZQ process ensures that our wool quality is consistent in tests for whiteness, strength, low variation and contamination.


ZQ merino growers are bound by their passion and dedication to careful stewardship of the land and the health and safety of those living and working on it.

Animal Welfare

ZQ merino sheep live free range lives under the ‘Five Freedoms’. On top of this charter ZQ sheep will never be live transported, be kept in feed lots or exposed to GMO’s.

Third Party Auditing

All ZQ growers are assessed and audited by trained and qualified third party auditors from AsureQuality, who visually inspect sheep, farms and facilities to ensure these rigorous standards are met.

Environmental Sustainability

ZQ Merino is sourced only from accredited farmers who meet the highest on-farm standards. ZQ growers pride themselves on best practice in social and environmental responsibility.

Hand Selected

Each fleece is assessed in the wool shed by an expert wool classer to ensure only the finest fibres are spun into our yarn.

No Mulesing

Mulesing is not practiced by any ZQ growers and because all of our wool can be traced back to the farm it came from, you can be assured that your Mons Royale merino is 100% mulesing free.

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