A Letter From Mons Royale CEO, Hamish Acland

Mons Royale approaches its ten-year anniversary, founder and CEO Hamish Acland reflects on building a company from the ground up.


Freeride World Tour 2019 Kicks Off In Japan

The stars aligned and after two years of stormy conditions, the Hakuba Freeride World Tour event finally got a hallowed Japanese bluebird day. We caught up with Mons athletes Gigi Ruf and Manuela Mandl, two of the seven Mons ambassadors on the Tour, to run down the whole event.


Dion Newport Breaks Down 2019 Freeride World Tour

The first event of the 2019 Freeride World Tour kicks off in Japan this week, so brush up on your freeride knowledge as Dion explains how the tour works and what to look out for this season.


Merino Is Changing The Midlayers Game | Mons Royale

Sandwiched in between your baselayer and your outer layer is your midlayer of clothing. Mons’ midlayers pair technical brilliance with bold style and unique design elements that will turn heads whether you’re in the pow or at the pub. The Approach and Decade capsules include pieces that will fit effortlessly into your mountain wardrobe.


Whistler Locals Let Mons In On Their Secrets

“Whistler’s That Way” is a sardonic bumper sticker often seen adorning the rears of rundown RVs along the Powder Highway in British Columbia, Canada. True, many of those who prefer the BC interior for their stormchasing, scoff at the world-renowned dual mountain resort, long having relegated it to the place for Australian seasonairs, Weekend Warriors from the lower mainland and the dreaded tourists.


Exploring Innsbruck

Between the 7th and 11th of December Europe was blanketed with the biggest dump of snow in living memory (for anyone under 40 at least). Resorts were reporting upwards of 80cm in 24 hours, Flachauwinkl got drowned by 140cm, so two inches short of 5ft in 5 days! Then on the 12th, a Tuesday the clouds cleared. Armed with two of Mons Royale’s most powerful on snow weapons and Tyrol Locals; Freeride World tour champion Arianna Tricomi and snowboarding legend Gigi Rüf we set out to explore our new home.

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