City to Summit

An Innsbruck Adventure!

As the last remnants of snow are washed from the hills by spring rain a waiting game begins, the hunt for gaps in the weather. They just need to be long enough to sneak an adventure up an out of the city, into the mountains.

It’s spring in Innsbruck and the lure of the stunning peaks that tower over the city are impossible to ignore. A break in the drizzle and fog coincided with a day off for photographer Georg Lindacher and his friends so they decided to head to the mountains for a hike, slackline and weather permitting overnight adventure to enjoy the sunrise.

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One of the joys of Innsbruck is that you don’t need a car to escape, you just walk out of your front door and within 15 minutes you are alone in the hills. So the biggest challenge is packing the right gear for the trip. First you need a dog with boundless energy to set the pace, second on the list is footwear, so proper boots and decent socks. Then the staples: Tent, sleeping bag, stove, food and water and finally of course some decent layering. Unpredictable spring weather and climb of over 2000 metres means you need something light, warm and breathable. In essence you need something very versatile and that is where merino wool comes into its own.

The valleys steep sides carry you quickly above the city, through the high summer grazing land, past huts and eventually to the edge of the tree line and the south facing slopes of the Achselkopf, the perfect spot for some scenic slack lining and lunch in the sun.



But with cloud gently gathering the crew decide to crack onto the step of the Brandjochboden where they could pitch tents and dump packs before carrying on up to the summit of the Brandjochspitze at 2559m for sunset.

A temperature swing of more than 20˚C through the day is exactly what the Mons adventure range was designed for, it’s stylish gear that lets you slip unnoticed out of the city and yet keeps you dry, warm and fresh after a day of grinding uphill to an alpine summit. With

But sunset from the peak was in the words of The Bear “just the lemon next to the pie’ compared to the sunrise. It was made all the more special with the inversion, that by obscuring Innsbruck gave the impression that this was a private viewing.

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