It’s been a wild summer so far for our mountain bike ambassadors in the Northern Hemisphere.

In Europe, riders sweated it out through a record-breaking heatwave, hit up Crankworx Innsbruck and pedaled hard in the Enduro World Series. And although it was a rainy start to the summer in North America, our bike athletes ate up the muddy laps, explored new bike parks and got involved in the plethora of local bike races.

Leading up to Crankworx Whistler, we thought we’d check in with our bike athletes to see what they’ve been up to and what they’re most looking forward to in the latter half of the summer months.

Conor Macfarlane

Mons Royale New Zealand athlete, traveling Europe


MR: Conor, you’re always on the go. What’s been happening this summer?

CM: For the last few months I’ve been traveling Europe racing. Currently I’m on my way home before heading back to the Northern Hemisphere again.


MR: What was your favourite event so far?

CM: Would have to be Loosefest XL hosted by Nico Vink. Some of the biggest jumps in the world, if not the biggest line out there, so it was pretty epic.


MR: What’s next for you?

CM: Looking forward to being home for a bit. But then it’s back overseas for the Marzocchi Proving Grounds and Rampage qualifiers.


MR: Which Mons product will be in your bag?

CM: Not in my bag. The Covert pants and shorts are always on for traveling. They are so comfy.

Phoebe Coers

Mons Royale New Zealand athlete, currently riding in the Northern Hemisphere


MR: What have you been up to this summer, Phoebe?

PC: This summer, I’ve mostly been based in Europe. It’s my first time traveling there and I’ve been so excited to check it all out. While touring with the Pivot team, I’ve raced in a couple of Enduro World Series and checked the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria and Germany off my bucket list! Now, I’m in Canada for six weeks


MR: What’s been your favourite bike event so far?

PC: Definitely the EWS in Les Orres. The tracks were long and tough with lots of fresh cut loam.


MR: What have you got on for the rest of the summer?

PC: I’m most looking forward to a trip to Nepal in November for the Yak-Ru Enduro. It’s an 11-day trip with three days of racing in the middle. It will most likely be a huge challenge with the high altitude and big climbs. After the race, some friends and I are going to ride for another seven days to Tilicho Lake. Character-building on this trip for sure.


MR: What’s been you go-to Mons product?

PC: The riding shorts. I’ve been riding for a while now and these are the first shorts that really fit. They sit nice and high around the waist, are stretchy where needed and have great pockets for snacks!


Photos: Jay French

Uriell Carlson

Mons Royale North American ambassador, based in Breckenridge, Colorado


MR: Hey Uri! How’s the summer going?

UC: I’ve spent most of my time on my bike this summer, coaching two junior MTB teams.


MR: Nice! Have you been to a favourite event?

UC: There’s a really fun backyard race called the Breck Enduro that happened two weeks ago. It’s fun because it’s all locals. Everyone shows up, from adults to 8-year olds who have never raced before.


MR: What else is on?

UC: I’ll be going on a few big bike and camping trips: one to Crested Butte and another to Steamboat Springs. There’s some amazing new trails in Steamboat that are super wild and are some of my favourites in Colorado. I’m also hoping to sneak in one or two more races in the fall.


MR: Do you have a go-to Mons product?

UC: If I could wear one jersey for every ride for the rest of my life, it would be the Phoenix Enduro VT. The sleeves a perfect length, it doesn’t fit like a box and the vented side panels don’t get too hot and don’t get sweaty-cold on a last light evening descent.

Tonje Kvivik

Mons Royale North American ambassador, based in Revelstoke, BC


MR: How’s the summer been going for you, Tonje?

TK: Lots of biking trips around BC & Alberta this summer. Along with some mountaineering courses and climbing!


MR: Have you had a favourite bike event so far?

TK: I enjoyed the Norco Canadian Enduro Series. It’s always a good time when you can push yourself on the bike while meeting great like-minded people!


MR: Is there a place you’re most excited to visit?

TK: Revelstoke! The bike shuttling is insane there.


MR: Favourite Mons bike product?

TK: Without a doubt, the Tech Bike Sock 2.0! Merino bike socks are a must-have. Not only do they look good and are excellent for biking, but they’re great for all my other summer activities too!

Meredith Eades

Mons Royale North American ambassador, based in Whistler, BC


MR: Hey Meredith! What have you loved most about your Whistler summer?

ME: BIKING. Lots of biking. I guide and coach so have been getting after it almost everyday. I’ve also sprinkled in some hiking and camping.


MR: Have you participated in lots of local events?

ME: For sure. My favourite so far was the Spud Crusher, a female endure race in Pemberton, BC. I love the commaraderie and encouragement from everyone involved.


MR: What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the summer?

ME: Crankworx is always a good time. But also looking forward to riding the Chilcotins. It’s so beautiful out there.


MR: What’s your go-to Mons piece while you tackle all these big rides?

ME: I love my Phoenix Enduro jersey. I wear it as much as possible! Super comfortable, looks rad and it keeps me cool on those super hot days. (I actually might needing another one of those soon!)


Photos: Mitch Winton & Trish Bromley

Braedyn Kozman

Mons Royale North American ambassador, based in Whistler, BC


MR: Braedyn, it looks like it’s been a super busy summer for you!

BK: Yeah, early on I did the Ride of Your Life where we road-biked from Whistler to Yellowknife and then I just recently completed a BC Bike Parks Roadtrip with the Free Radicals (you can read about the trip here, here and here.)


MR: That’s rad. Which one was your favourite?

BK: Definitely the Ride of Your Life


MR: What’s next on the docket for you?

BK: Crankworx Whistler and just riding at home for a few weeks!


MR: We always see you rocking your Redwood VT jersey. Do you have another Mons product you love?

TK: My Temple Tech hoodie because it is hella comfy and keep me warm on the chillier rides.


Photos: Will Cadham

Myles Trainer

Mons Royale North American ambassador, based in Tahoe, California


MR: How’s summer been treating you Myles?

MT: This has been the craziest summer ever with opportunities that have led me to Peru, Idaho and New Mexico. Having the ability this season to hand-pick events with killer trails and culture has kept things fresh and fun.


MR: Sounds amazing. What’s your favourite event been?

MT: The North American Enduro Cup in Kellog, Idaho. There were a bunch of fresh tracks for the race that were long and techy enough to keep you on your toes.


MR: What’s on for the rest of the summer?

MT: Keeping with the trend of “the best trail I’ve ever ridden is the one I’ve never been on”. Trying to find new zones close to and far from home.


MR: Love that mentality. Which Mons product are you taking with you?

MT: My Vapour Lite 3/4 . It gives you a bit of protection on the elbows while still keeping the breathability of a short sleeve shirt.

Will Cadham

Mons Royale North American ambassador, based in Whistler BC


MR: It’s been a pretty full-on summer for you Will!

WC: The most full-on in recent memory. Mark and I (two halves of The Free Radicals) rode a disgusting amount during the dry Spring. We hit up Squamish, Marin in California, Portland, Kamloops, Williams Lake and then came home in time for Whistler Bike Park opening.

After that I did Ride of Your Life, the BC Bike Parks Roadtrip and have since been hanging in Squamish.


MR: Wow that’s a lot of riding. Must be tough to choose a favourite…

WC: Opening weekend of the Whistler Bike Park (also known as Whismas) is a favourite. It’s all about meeting up with summer friends in the Fitz chair line, riding A-Line until you can’t feel your hands and crushing jugs on the GLC patio.


MR: So true. Is the rest of your summer equally crazy?

WC: First up is Crankworx Whistler. Then we’ll finally get our Backwoods Vacation: Oregon Motels and Dive Bars project underway, where we’ll maximize the amount of single track riding while traversing from Oakridge to Hood River.


MR: Do you have a go-to Mons piece for all these adventures?

WC: My Icon Raglan LS. The Tumeric colour looks great in photos and the weight is light enough to in the valley, where it’s hot. But if you end up wandering the alpine for hours looking for a trail, it’ll keep you warm. Plus, the merino does a damn good job at fighting odours.


Photos: Mark Taylor

Tina Gerber

Mons Royale European ambassador, currently traveling in Canada


MR: Tina, you’re everywhere! What have you been up to this summer?

TG: Right now I’m staying in Whistler to ride. Then I have some shoots, events and races coming up in Switzerland.


MR: What’s been your favourite event so far?

TG: Either Bikedays in Solothum or Crankworx Innsbruck


MR: What are you most looking forward to for the rest of the summer?

TG: I’ve got an all-girls mountain bike trip planned in Norway and Sweden in August that I’m stoked for!


MR: And what’s your favourite Mons product?

TG: The Birkby 2.0 cap. I wear it almost every day! I also love the Hillary Hike singlet because of the cool fabric and unique print!

Well that’s a wrap on our North American bike ambassador check-in. Keep an eye out for our Mons team at Crankworx Whistler from August 9th – 20th, where they’ll be shredding hard at a multitude of events!


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