Ride Natural with Mons Royale Merino Air-Con.

Designed by Mons Royale, worn by Peter Kaiser.


If you don’t know his name already, remember it now – Peter Kaiser. Hailing from Innsbruck, Austria, Peter is quickly becoming a rider to keep our eyes on in the mountain biking world. Though he’s only been competing since 2014, Pete has been behind-the-scenes making a name for himself in film and photography. However, after showing up in a big way at events like the Audi 9s and Crankworx Rotorua (where he recently won the Oceana Whip-Off in a huge upset) he’s certainly got our attention.

Meet Peter Kaiser, a mountain biker from Innsbruck, Austria

As the new kid on the block, Peter is revolutionizing the way riders make a statement in mountain biking. It’s not just about winning all the comps anymore (albeit, he does a fair share of that). It’s also about producing killer content. Going above and beyond – riding like a beast and showing it beautifully to the world.

That's why Mons is proud to call Peter one of our athletes. For us, it’s always been about going beyond. But in our case, it’s not just about creating high performance mountain bike apparel, it’s about riding natural. Merino is one of the most natural fibres on the planet. And when it’s woven into a jersey, it’s a performance powerhouse.

Peter Kaiser rides natural in Mons Royale merino mountain bike apparel

When Peter made his way over to our neck of the woods in NZ for Crankworx Rotorua, we were stoked to bring him in as principal rider for our latest production. The aim of this video was to showcase some wicked riding, epic New Zealand scenery, a few wooly sheep and of course, our natural mountain bike apparel. We believe that the best comes from nature and for Mons Royale, it all goes back to the merino sheep. Living in the high alpine, these animals thrive in extreme summer and winter climates. Their wool has evolved to keep them warm and dry in the cold, while simultaneously regulating their temperature when it gets hot. Plus, merino wool is naturally anti-odour. Merino wool is perfectly evolved for the mountain biking environment.

You can scope the beautiful finished piece below available now for public viewing for the first time since it’s release at Crankworx Rotorua in March.

If you love the video as much as we do, feel free to go ahead and click that Share button. And be sure to catch Peter Kaiser at Crankworx Innsbruck, June 12th – 16th, where he’ll be competing in the Mons Royale Speed & Style and defending his Official Whip-Off title – all while riding natural, of course.

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