A short History on Wooly Underwear

For a long time, wooly undies were what your Dad wore in winter. A few people had discovered the miracle fibre, merino wool, but frankly, wooly undies just weren’t that sexy.

That changed in 2009 when, fed up with what was available, the founders of Mons Royale created some merino garments they actually wanted to wear. Shortly afterwards the first Mons Royale range hit the shelves in just six stores across New Zealand. (Actually it arrived two months late, but luckily that was before the first snow fall!) Alongside a seriously sexy ad campaign that  got people’s tongues wagging and so Mons Royale brought merino to a whole new audience.

The following October we shipped our first international order to a shop in Laax Switzerland called Amalgan and in February of 2010 Mons Royale is shown at the ISPO Trade Show in Munich and the first international distribution deals were made.

Our second collection (featuring Mons Purple) flew off the shelves. Shots of the product started appearing in magazines, movies and webisodes thanks to our team riders and a whole crew of unofficial riders that weren’t meant to be wearing Mons Royale because of their contracts, but did so because they loved the stuff and wanted to help spread the word.

Mons Royale is now available in stores across Canada, the USA, France, Switzerland, Norway, Japan Australia and New Zealand and distributors shops and interested fans continue to contact us from around the world.

That’s it, a rather short history we know, but we’ll try and keep making it! A big thanks to all the people that have given Mons Royale some love and are helping to spread the word.

If you enjoy what we are up to, feel free to email us with your feedback. Maybe you would love to see us bring out a certain colour, style or graphic? Please let us know. We are a small but growing company so please understand if we don’t get back to you straight away. Sometimes we’re out riding…

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