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At Mons Royale we always aim to do things the right way, respecting the people we work with and by showing a high regard for animal welfare and the environment.

All the wool used in our AW17 and SS17 ranges with the exception of the Mountain Shirt and socks is certified 100% non-mulesed or ceased-mulesed by the Wool Testing Bureau S.A., South Africa.

To add further security, the tracking and recording process used by our wool suppliers to ensure this has been audited and found to be robust by Deloitte & Touche GmbH so you are able to confidently make an informed choice about our product.

We are working towards ensuring that all our products are made from non-mulesed wool and accordingly the socks in our SS18 range will be also be manufactured from certified non-mulesed yarn.

This project is ongoing and our supply chain is complex but our goal is to be able to guarantee that Mons Royale products are made from traceable 100% non-mulesed yarn by the launch of our AW18 range.

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