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Mons Royale Pro Deal enables industry employees and professionals to apply for access to discounted pricing. Mons Royale exists out of a belief that time spent in the mountains is truly important, and as an organisation we want to encourage this and support professionals with product that adds a little extra to their adventures. Performance, style and identity. Our Pro program allows industry professionals to tap into special pricing on our gear and allows us to get feedback from crew that can really put our product through its paces, everyone wins. Once registered, and your application is processed and verified, you will be able to login to our site and purchase direct at discounted pricing. Additional member benefits include further seasonal discounts and access to exclusive product. To be accepted into the program you must provide information below that validates your connection to the industry. And we do of course ask that product purchased is for yourself, you know how it goes.  

Please let us know below:

  • More detail on what certification or industry position qualifies you
  • Info on other companies or organizations you have worked with and/or have connections to
  • What mountains/resorts you spend time in or have connections to
  • If you are interested in helping to promote Mons where you are based

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  • One uppercase letter (A-Z)
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  • One number (123)

Tick here to confirm you are able provide if required one of:

  • A current recognised certification
  • Membership of a professional body
  • A recent payslip
  • Written evidence from your employer

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