Mons Royale innovates MTB apparel, again

Four years ago, Mons Royale revolutionized riding apparel with merino wool, a natural performance fibre which acts like nature’s air conditioning. With street styling and anti-odour properties, Mons Royale performs as well off the bike, as it does on. Riders loved it and we were able to begin carving a path in the mountain biking world. Today, Mons continues to grow worldwide and is worn by global riders like Redbull Rampage competitor Conor Macfarlane.

Now Mons has taken innovation a step further. Every rider knows the struggle of sweating on the uphill, only to hit windchill on the descent. It's a constant battle of temperature regulation.

We solved this problem with a simple solution: adding wind breaking front panels to a merino jersey – protecting riders from the wind, while incorporating merino panels to release heat.

Park riders work up a sweat on the downhill, flying over root sections, stomping tabletops and clearing gaps. It’s a game of speed. That’s where our new Tarn Wind Jersey comes in.


Tarn is constructed using revolutionary Merino Shift, a stronger and faster-wicking merino blend that stays breathable over high-sweat zones, like your back.

Tarn Freeride Wind Jersey
Tarn Freeride Wind Jersey
Phoenix Wind Jersey

At the top, throw it on over your merino jersey and drop into the descent. Again, that ripstop front panel will protect you from the wind, but unlike other windbreakers, the merino back panel on Phoenix and Redwood will stay breathable and keep wicking, all the way to the bottom.

Tarn Freeride Wind Jersey
Tarn Freeride Wind Jersey
Redwood Wind Jersey

For us, it was about achieving a flow state; an all-encompassing feeling of energized focus and purpose. Worlds colliding in a moment of perfection. We broke ground by bringing merino to the MTB world, and we’ve raised the bar again with our wind jerseys.

Join us up here, won’t you?

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