Hey there Mons fans of the Southern Hemisphere! You've stumbled upon a summer blog for our Northern friends. No worries, if you'd like to read more about the benefits of merino, who are we to say no? While you're here, feel free to check out our Fall Winter '19 Collection. 

Alright, we're going to need you to open your minds, because this is going to blow them. Merino wool is perfect for the heat

Yep, you read that right. And yes, we are completely serious.

Now, we know we’re wandering into controversial territory here. Surely the first thing you think of when it comes to wool are those epic baselayers that keep your ass warm as hell in the winter. But hold on for a moment, because we promise, this is Oprah-giving-you-a-car levels of life-changing.

Explorers wear their merino on summer adventures

Come with us, because we’re heading off to the high alpine fields of the most beautiful country in the world – New Zealand (we’re not biased). There, we find the merino sheep. These guys aren’t like your regular run-of-the-mill sheep. Nope, they prefer to spend their time in the mountains (just like you!) and their wool has evolved perfectly to handle whatever Mother Nature throws at them. And that includes the blazing heat of the NZ summer sun.

Merino wool has thermoregulatory attributes, which means when it's cold, it'll keep the wearer warm. But when it's hot, the wool is lightweight and breathable

“But wait, Mons,” you say. “Wool is thick and itchy, how could it be breathable?!”

Ah, we’ve arrived at Merino Misconception #1. Again, merino sheep are different from normal sheep. Your standard sheep wool is indeed thick and itchy. However, merino wool fibres are very thin and bendy. Therefore, merino clothing is soft and incredibly breathable.

Okay, so we’ve established that merino wool is comfortable. But let’s talk about performance.

Sweat it out Merino absorbs and evaporates moisture faster and more effectively than other athletic fibres. And to boot, it’s anti-odour. The texture of the wool fibres have evolved to prevent bacteria from attaching themselves, meaning that you can wear merino and sweat it out over and over again without odour developing. Under the sun Ever heard of a sunburnt sheep? No, of course you haven’t, because that is ridiculous. But you wouldn’t, because merino provides UV protection. So while our merino sheep friends are out grazing, their wool absorbs harmful UV rays. What protects the sheep, will also protect you while you’re climbing, trail-running, or hiking. Pack less, do more Designed for multi-day use, this collection features details like relaxed fits and off-shoulder seams for backpack strap comfort and is primed to follow you wherever you roam. Plus because merino is lightweight and anti-odour. But what’s really important here is versatility. Mons Royale can take you from the mountains to the streets and anywhere in between. Which means you can pack less and do more.
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