Here at Mons Royale we believe in our products to such an extent that we are prepared to put our reputation on the line in a public test. To do this we are going to let 3 independent judges test Mons gear for the duration of the New Zealand winter games and with so many different events we have picked a very ecletic crew of judges.

First up we’ve enlisted a Freeride World Tour ATHLETE @sebastianvarlet, the Les Gets local is an absolute beast on skis and he’s down in NZ to compete in the FWQ 4* event in the Remarkables. With inspection days, watching the 2* event and competition day he’ll be pushing our base layers  to the limit in the high alpine.

Next we have the legendary snowboarder, revered JUDGE and founder of the Psykopit crew and the Instagram account Classic Sbnowboarding @Larrogs a.k.a. Julien Haricot. Typically French he is a purveyor of style and function without equal. It’s the reason why he is first on the list to judge at every comp from the US Open to the Olympics. So between long days sitting still in a large fridge to hot laps with the world’s best who better to decide whether our gear is as good looking and tech as we believe?

Last but not least we need a mountain mortal, someone with no vested interest in Winter Games or the industry other than their unbridled passion for the mountains, in short a true FAN. That is why we’ve enlisted @NefariousNel a.k.a. Nel Collins. She loves the snow so much that she lives in an eternal winter yoyo’ing between Canada’s poder paradise of Big White and the Southern Hemisphere park mecca of Cardona. She loves skiing, has a great crew and will be taking the as much of the off mountain activity as on.

It’s clear that each of them use the mountains and their gear in very different ways and in those differences we will see our merino products tested to their limit. But we believe, fundamentally that no matter who you are or how you use the mountain your day on the hill will improve if you’re wearing merino wool, it is warmer than any other fabric, even if it gets wet. It dries quicker, because it breathes so effectively and that also means that it won’t hold odours.

Combine all of these natural features with our technical fabrics and sharp garment cuts and you have the most technical and best looking base and mid layers on the market.

Are we right? You can find out by following our judges exploits and findings as they put our gear through it’s paces on all of our social channels and using the #JUDGEMONS.


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