For adventures large and small. For riding dusty singletrack and ripping perfect berms. For epic mountain runs or just for keeping your cool.

Mons Royale’s Spring Summer 2018 range is here to make your active, outdoor spring and summer even better!

A fusion of design, style and smart yarn technology, Spring Summer 2018 features 3 capsules to deliver HYPERNATURAL performance that will knock man-made activewear fabrics out of your wardrobe using nature’s miracle fibre, merino wool.




Versatile’s the word. This capsule is designed to be perfect for everything from yoga classes and running, to high mountain base layer.

Wool outperforms man-made alternatives and this collection allows merino to perform in style. Making extensive use of merino mesh panels for additional breathability in a slim, athletic fit, these garments use Mons Royale’s light weight Merino Air-Con fabric with a core spun yarn.

Whether used for intense workouts, hiking or just as part of your everyday wardrobe, the super light Mons Spring Summer 2018 Active capsule is stylish and highly breathable.


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Braaaap! Developed with team rider Conor Macfarlane, Mons’ bike line has a loose yet functional t, is light, cool, breathable and won’t develop odours, no matter how hard it’s used.

For all out ripping or just a gentle roll out, this expanded bike capsule brings Mons’ signature style and versatility to the trails.

Constructed from our super light, durable core spun fabric and making strategic use of merino mesh for additional ventilation, it is cool and comfortable both on the bike or off.

Whatever style of riding you’re into – from Rampage to a Sunday roll-out, Mons’ Spring Summer 2018 range has a garment to suit.


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First impressions count. So when you’re out meeting nature, why not make an impact? She might make you smile as a result.

Designed to look as good on the street as they do in the wild, the lightweight durable Merino Air-Con fabric will see you through cool mountain ranges, hot summer nights and is the perfect partner for travel.

Urban meets alpine in this Adventure capsule, combining merino’s technical performance with a relaxed yet stylish aesthetic, creating a set of garments as versatile as your imagination!

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