Photo: @chrisdunn_

The fifth and final challenge for the Winter Games NZ Obsidian was a purely videography contest with the three teams going head to head submitting a 7 min edit filmed throughout the Obsidian event.

Here are the three for your watching pleasure and find out who was crowned overall Obsidian winners!

SMOOTH NEWS | Team Smoothy | Diaries Downunder

Filmmakers: Diaries Downunder
Filmers: Heath Patterson & James Holman
Aerials: Nick Hyne

COMFORTABLE | Team Wells | Two Bearded Men

Filmmakers: Tim Pierce & Hunter Paull

OBSIDIAN | Team Kuzma | Jase Hancox Film

Team Kuzma and Jase Hancox Film at The Remarkables

Filmmakers: Jase Hancox Film

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