Mountains, forests, lakes and beaches


It's time to celebrate

summer in Europe

What better way to celebrate the world’s most diverse continent than to explore its natural beauty and let’s face it there’s no shortage of it. From Stockholm to Sicily, Avignon to Athens Europe is filled with proud mountains, lazy beaches and infinite rivers, lakes and waterfalls that go perfectly with long weekends, cliff jumping and sleeping bags. 

If you’re planning to head off the beaten track this summer then Mons have the perfect companion; a merino base layer that will keep you warm, breath when you’re active and refuse to hold an odour. As an added bonus our underwear will double as impromptu swimwear if nudity is frowned upon. 

This means you can pack less and do more with the precious time you have. Or you can use it as an excuse to pack less clothes and more beer, which will dramatically increase the likelihood of you and your friends sitting up past midnight attempting to build a make shift hot tub. 

Don’t waste the weekend in a bar, in Europe adventure is never far away so head for the forests, mountains or coast and have a story to tell on Monday. 

We’ll see you out there. 


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