Dropppping! ROAD TO CRANKWORX with Conor Macfarlane follows Conor on his journey to Crankworx Rotorua, New Zealand, for the first stop of Crankworx World tour 2018.

This four-part series sees Conor and his crew travel through Wanaka, Queenstown, Nelson and finally onto Rotorua to compete in the Mons Royale Dual Speed & Style. Keep updated on the journey as it unfolds right here..!


The ROAD TO CRANKWORX starts in the Southern Lakes of New Zealand. Starting in our hometown Wanaka, Episode 1 follow's Conor to his home in Queenstown and riding the local bike parks with buddies Olivier Cuvet, Emmerson Wilken and Antoine Boulard. Next stop -> Nelson for the NZ Enduro.



Episode 2 show's Conor's next leg of his journey to Crankworx Rotorua 2018 as he heads from the Southern Lakes to the top of the South Island for the NZ Enduro with the Mons crew for some long days in the saddle and heaps of laughs. Featuring Mons own Caitlin Mitchell and Tom Brownlee, and athlete's Mike Robertson, Ronja Hill-Wright and Joe Nation. Next Stop -> Rotorua!



Episode 3 follows Conor to the final destination of his journey through New Zealand to Rotorua for the first stop of Crankworx World Tour. This time, we take a sneak peek at the Mons Royale Dual Speed & Style course with the guys from Empire of Dirt, Conor takes some laps through the Dodzy Skills Park and the whole Mons crew get friendly with the trails of Whakarewarewa Forest with doggo Alfie before topping it off with a trip to the hot pools! Next Stop -> Crankworx Mons Royale Dual Speed & Style.



The ROAD TO CRANKWORX has followed Mons athlete Conor Macfarlane across New Zealand from our home in the Southern Lakes, through Nelson for the Santa Cruz NZ enduro and eventually landed in Rotorua NZ for the first stop of the Crankworx World Tour and the first Mons Royale Dual Speed & Style of the season! Check out what went down as the guys took to the Empire Of Dirt course to battle it out with a combination of hucks and hoons for Episode 4.

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