This week is Verbier Freeride Week and Mons Royale is the Official Merino Partner of this fantastic festival of freeride skiing and snowboarding in the big mountain mecca that is Verbier.

It’s a week packed with action – a Junior Freeride comp and 3 Freeride World Qualifier events along with parties, seminars and a whole lot else. The kind of week when it’s almost certain there’ll be some burly riding done followed by long apres sessions, late nights and more early mornings. Which we thought made the perfect partnership – after all, Mons Royale is designed to meet this kind of rider’s lifestyle, both on and off the mountain. So we’ve kitted out every rider with a super soft, warm and breathable merino neck warmer. Which they’re probably going to need because it’s DUMPING in the Valais…


Team NZ – Craig Murray and support crew Charlie Lyons and Hank Bilous. Photo: Anna Smoothy 
Anna Smoothy is our roving reporter on the ground… 

The grommies streamed into town over the weekend pumped up with teenage angst and the ability to make most of us look like geriatrics on snow.  They made quick work of the Junior contest over the weekend and can now drink in the rest of the Verbier Freeride Week which is most definitely a festival, a coming together of peoples, a celebration of Freeride if ever there was one.
Next up in the schedule of events are two, 2 star events.  While you could be excused for presuming this event might be less exciting to watch than the following 3 star, you should absolutely think again.  These 2 star events are often a debut for the next up and coming ski rock stars, and everyone partaking will be sending to the moon in order to get more points to qualify for bigger events.
Every evening the notorious Pub Mont Fort will be hosting an after party for the Freeriders and showing film edits of the competition runs and other ski movies.  They are requiring the Juniors to leave the bar by 10pm to avoid serving underage kids alcohol, so we look forward to observing the deluge of fake moustaches and other disguises from these kids trying to stay out past their bed time.
Bringing the freeride festival to a close is the 3* competition at a so far unconfirmed venue.  With a few heavy-hitting World Tour riders such as Leo Slemett and Christoffer Granbom using this event as a warm-up to stretch their legs, the level of riding on display will be immense.




Stay tuned for more updates throughout the week.


Results from the Freeride Junior Tour 2*:


Ski Women:
1.  Illona Carlod
2.  Emeline Moorhead
3.  Eva Battolla


Photo: Freeride Junior Tour


Ski Men:
1.  Hugo Dentan
2.  Lake Schorderet
3.  Alan Jordan


Photo: Freeride Junior Tour


Snow Men:
1.  Liam Rivera
2.  Thomas Schlichting
3.  Loic Aubert



Photo: Freeride Junior Tour


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