You should always look good.

There, I said it. Looking good is important. Disagree? Thought not. That’s because you’re here reading this and not wasting time on the Internet reading an article written by someone who works at some other brand.

Style is everything – we’re talking about skiing and snowboarding here right? Figure Ones/Elevens down death couloir? Style. Sitz marks in the snow. Not.

Style steeze, swagger. It’s vital. Does James Bond hang out in Gstaad drinking martinis with dudes in their thermals? Hell no! No way. Bond does not hang out with people that look like they want to tell you about their latest Strava KOM.

Now at this point a whole lot of people might want to tell me that there’s a reason that most base and mid layer gear looks the way it does. That there’s no advantage to looking good if you’re cold, wet and uncomfortable. And I’m going to put my finger gently to their collective lips and say the following three words.

Stop. Right. There.

I’ll say it gently but firmly so that they understand that what I’m about to say is serious and should they choose to listen, could change their lives. I’ll say Stop. Right. There. Because I agree. But mostly I’ll say it because at Mons Royale we know that you don’t have to suffer the ignonimy of kookdom to avoid cold, wet, and uncomfortable.

It is an indisputable fact that high performance and bad ass style are not in any way mutually exclusive – Lambourghini Miura anyone? Right, so we agree.


Whilst developing the range for AW15 the team at Mons Royale agreed to refuse to compromise either performance or style. Ever. If it wasn’t going to be better, we wouldn’t do it. And if making it work better kooked it style wise, we had to find a different way. AW15 is the result and we are rightly (IMHO) stoked with it.

AW15 is designed for on mountain performance. Super soft merino will keep you itch free (because you don’t need me to tell you that scratching is never ever a good look), warm (even if a little snow does enter your jacket) and pleasantly fragrant due to its unique anti-odour properties and incredible breathability.

AW15 is our most versatile winter collection to-date. It’s a collection you can wear on the street, to the bar, to the gym, on the mountain or just about anywhere you might want to go (assuming they let you in). And we’ve added a suite of additional high performance pieces that go max on the tech but will never let you down on the first impression front. Because, as we just agreed, style is important. Otherwise rock star riders wouldn’t be driving around in Italian sports cars and moving to Monaco.

Finally, I don’t think I’d be stretching it if told you I reckoned AW15 may also make you better looking. This is pretty important because if there’s one thing that snow bunnies and snow mooses like nearly as much as steep glades of pow, it’s a chairlift partner that looks good in their wooly undies.

Believe me, Mons girl and Mons guy did not look quite this good when they stepped into the studio to shoot AW15. But wearing it they immediately knew that they felt good; Like today was the day they’d land the trick that eluded them last winter; That this time they would speak to that hot liftie; That they would step up to that double stager and stomp it. Confidence you see. Makes you more attractive.

So get out of those old thermals, dump that fleece and get into AW15.

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