This winter we’ve created something truly special, for someone truly special. Something for the most gifted, most versatile, most talented athlete: The Supermons.


Designed for ultimate on-mountain performance, the Supermons is a merino one-piece for the stylish, the reckless, and the downright foolhardy. With a ¾ length leg and merino mesh back the Supermons is built for high performance whilst still retaining all the “no gaps” comfort of head to toe merino wool construction and the convenience of the “access all areas” full width rear zip of the Monsie.

We’ve teamed up with New Zealand-based film collective All Us In Winterland to produce the short film voiced by industry legend, pro skier and comedian, Colby James West. Featuring athlete, photographer, cinematographer and stunt-monkey Cam McDermid.

Available to both men and women, to learn more about how the Supermons will dramatically improve the quality of your life click here.



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