“I was only five years old, but I already found out, this is it- snowboarding is my passion! Since the very first carve I’m in love with it. It was not always easy to learn snowboarding that young, but I kept working on my skills. At one day, I barely can remember how it happened, I stood as a 16 years old girl next to Kelly Clark on the podium. It was the first Burton European Open in Laax- and this event completely changed my life. I traveled around the world, got to know the most hilarious people all over the world, and learned a lot about other cultures and myself. Every single minute I go up on the hill to enjoy a ride through the steep powder, jump-line, pipe or park. It’s the passion of my life…


Together with Roland Ogg, Recognize Films has made a documentary about the passion, career highs, and career lows of one of Switzerland’s most successful female snowboarders, Sina Candrian. A tale of needing to step away from something to truly appreciate just how much it means to you, Sina talks us through the progression of her career from racing to finding her true passion in freestyle.


Well worth a watch.

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