We are stoked to announce that Kiwi halfpipe skier Nico Porteous, the 2018 Winter Olympic Bronze medallist, has joined Mons Royale! Both highly technical and a load of natural talent, it's no surprise that this would be the ideal team up!

“To be wearing a kiwi brand when I drop in, to know I have a New Zealand company who share the same values supporting me is pretty cool. I can walk into their office in my home town at any point and talk about my ideas for products and projects and tap into all of their contacts around the world. It’s a really unique relationship.”

- Nico Porteous.


As New Zealand’s youngest ever Olympic medallist grew up in the same mountains that Mons Royale was born, it makes perfect sense for us to join forces to take Kiwi grown talent to the global stage. Like us, Nico has an insatiable appetite for progression, something that is obvious in his huge achievements at such a young age. These values are also at the heart of Mons Royale, and as Founder Hamish Acland knows from his own career path, having support from a brand you feel connected to is invaluable.

“I spent a good ten years traveling the world skiing and competing and those experiences shaped what Mons Royale is today. Nico is at the forefront of the sport, having him join the team is an exciting evolution that gives us both the chance to grow. Mons and Nico have naturally aligned as “Kiwis” both competing on the global stage and we are looking forward to the partnership ahead."



With a strong global team based out of Wanaka, NZ; Innsbruck, Europe; and Whistler, Canada no less; we'll be supporting Nico every step of the way as he competes across Europe and North America to continue pursuing his dreams.

With no plans to rest after his Olympic success, we know Nico is going to go all the way, and we're just happy to be along for the ride! We're looking forward to seeing how he builds on his achievement in Korea and as always. Mons will be there to support him every step of the way! Stay tuned - there's even bigger things to come for this kid, we're sure of it!

Photos shot at Cardrona Alpine Resort during the Winter Games NZ with Nico in his Mons Royale Decade Hoody, Rowley Insulation Hood.

Images: Matt Cherubino

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