We’ve teamed up with Hallertau to solve an age-old problem.

We all love sharing a deliciously refreshing hoppy beverage with our closest mates at the end of a long day on the bike trail or the hike trail, and earning liquid rewards in adventurous ways is scientifically proven* to guarantee a much more satisfying rehydration process. When it comes to putting in the hard yards for a yard glass we’re a spirited bunch here in New Zealand, and we’re also pretty social too. Nature’s great outdoor beer garden is always open, and the only last call is the call of the wild.

*Went on a biking adventure. Drank beers afterwards. Enjoyed all of them = Statistical significance. #science





In honour of earning our beers in adventurous ways and sharing them with people who we think are pretty damn awesome, we’ve teamed up with Hallertau Breweries to bring you and your best bevy buddies the chance to win a limited-edition Hallertau gift pack and some premium Mons Royale swag. If there’s one thing that makes the spirited earning of beers even better, it’s doing it in style. Mons will keep you fresh no matter how sporty your adventures get, and Hallertau’s range of hopping good beers will keep you hydrated and satisfied.

All you need to do is decide who you’d share your hard earned adventure beers with at the end of a perfect day and then let us know in the comments below the photo’s we’ll be sharing on our Facebook and Instagram pages each week. Easy.

Tags your mates, tag your partner, tag your best mate’s partner. Share the love of biking, adventures and beer and we’ll be drawing a winner weekly. For more info on the Hallertau range of premium beers check out





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