The first 2* FWQ event of the Verbier Freeride Week kicked off with an en masse takeover of the Bruson powder fields. The organisation was busy with security checks on the competition venue so the Freeriders snuck in some hot laps before the face check. After a slow start to the winter across the Alps, Verbier has scored the powder day of the season, the year, the decade! (Big call huh?) The temperature was low and the stoke was high, a few morning freshies really set the tone for the rest of the day.
There were some spectacular crashes as the low consequence venue allowed riders to let loose some sexy manoeuvres such as butters, flips, and spins. The Swiss lads secured the Ski Men podium with our man from Laax, Gian Ragettli just squeezing out our man from Wanaka, Hank Bilous who enjoyed one too many after bangs to make it to the top 3. Fast women made it happen in both ski and snowboard categories with freestyle ninja Filippa Ring showing us what the air and style component is all about. With the weather closing in once more, it’s a safe bet that the riders will be celebrating and commiserating on the dance floor until dawn, or a better offer, or the next weather window.


Ski Men:
1.  Max Vaquin
2.  Loic Burri
3.  Gian Ragettli


Ski Women:
1.  Laura Nevala
2.  Filippa Ring
3.  Vanessa Frey


Snowboard Men:
1.  Andreas Zweibrot
2.  Cody Bramwell
3.  Adam Bjork


Snowboard Women:
1. Marion Haerty
2. Ana Salvador Arguas
3. Surry Marie


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