Unpopular opinion: Spring skiing might be the skiing you do all winter

Okay stop furiously scrolling to the comment section (spoiler alert: there isn’t one) and let us explain ourselves.

We get it, March Madness powder days are arguably king in the “best day ever” category. And yes, we realize the sheer excitement of opening day has the power to trump every other day for the rest of the season. Hell, even your odd January bluebird day is a favourite among mountain enthusiasts.

But, ah spring days. The sun stays out longer, the beer flows more freely and the kickers emerge from their snowy depths.

Allow us to explain...

There’s a certain freedom that seems to come with spring days on the mountain. That same lifty who searched your bag for alcohol with such fervor on St. Patrick’s Day, now turns a blind eye to the neck of your forty poking out the top of your backpack as you load into the gondi.


A trick you couldn’t quite nail in the terrain park comes easily as you rocketman a hit that you and your mates built five minutes ago. You find yourself okay with slashing slush instead of powder. And instead of dreading the oncoming Spring melt, you suddenly feel the urge to pondskim that glorious pool of glacier water.

It’s literally impossible to be in a bad mood during these days. And you’ve never felt leisure like this in your life.

The life of leisure

10am mates brunch before uploading? Well sure, there’s no powder day lines to beat. Cruisey groomer laps and hucking side-hits? Yeah definitely, the tree skiing is tracked out for the season anyway. On-mountain après with a gorgeous alpenglow? We have nowhere to be and all the time in world. This is a post-winter paradise and it’s all yours.

A step back in time

And let’s not forget the age-old tradition of retro ski wear. Warm days mean less layers and for those who are truly committed to cause, it’s a time to don one-piece suits from the 80s, Daisy Dukes, leotards and Burt Reynolds ‘staches. But don’t feel limited. You can truly express yourself on spring days, so if you’ve got a unicorn onesie… well don’t let us stand in the way of prancing your sparkly ass off into the sunset.

Made for these days

But if retro isn’t your vibe and you’re more about the present, well merino is made for these days. Just like it keeps you warm in the deep winter, merino will keep you cool when the spring sun blazes. Its micro-fibres are also woven in a way that prevent bacteria from clinging, therefore it’s anti-odour. That means you can keep hiking and hucking all day long. Plus with loose fit and mesh cut-out options, Mons’ pieces are comfortable in any condition.


So don’t wallow in the grief of winter coming to a close, revel in the glory of spring days on the mountain and close out the snow season with a bang.

Photos: Matt Cherubino and Sam Dodd

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