Like the old internet adage goes, “if you don’t layer properly, you’re going to have a bad time” (or something like that). Admittedly, we’re not the first to write a layering guide, but opinions are like noses – everyone has one and it usually has a couple holes in it. But we’re in the business of discussing facts. And the fact is, merino is king of the layering game. And Mons Royale has the world’s most epic layering system.

Mons Royale Baselayers

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way out. An ideal layering system aims to keep weather out, while keeping warmth in. As your layering system foundation, baselayers are the closest to your skin, which means they need to be comfortable, breathable and (you guessed it) warm. Enter merino baselayers. Merino wool crimps in a way that makes it super soft and insulating. That same crimp is the reason why merino is anti-odour; pesky bacteria can’t hold on. Plus merino absorbs and moves moisture away from the body better than you-know-which-fabrics.

Yotei BF Tech LS
Bella Tech LS
Yotei Tech LS
Temple Tech LS
Mons Royale Midlayers

Much like our baselayers, a midlayer should provide optimal warmth. The crux here is bulk. A midlayer should have enough volume and weight to keep you lapping on the coldest days, but not bunch up under your shell.

Again, a merino midlayer is your go-to. Just like a merino sheep, the wool will keep you warm in the high alpine. But it’s light enough that you can kiss bulk good-bye. The best of both worlds? Hell yes.

Ascend Midi Full Zip Hood
Approach Tech Mid Hoody
Traverse Mid Half Zip Hoody
Approach Tech Mid Hoody
Mons Royale Insulation

Insulation should work in tandem with your base and mid layers to keep you warm and moving. It’s the last thing that goes on before your shell in the deep winter and it might even act as your outer layer in the spring.

Now, it’s one thing to deliver unparalleled performance, but we weren’t quite satisfied with that. Our insulation provides sustainable warmth. Merino sheep need to be shorn at least once a year, which means their wool is a natural byproduct. By using natural resources, we decrease our impact on the planet. Additionally, our insulation pieces incorporate a recycled outer. Staying warm, while protecting the mountains we play in? We can get behind that.

Neve Insulation Hood
Nordkette Insulation Hood
Arete Insulation Hood
Nordkette Insulation Hood

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