Traditionally, shoulder season (AKA; “dead season”, “off-season” or “the worst time of the year”)  has been detested by ski bums and bikers alike.

It’s the time of the year where it’s not quite cold enough for snow, yet not quite warm enough for shorts. A literal grey-ness seems to take up residence over the mountains as the golden colours of early Autumn give way to the monotony of near-Winter.

Wow, even as we sit here typing, we’re depressed. Okay, okay. Let’s regroup here.

Are you with us?

At Mons, we celebrate this time of year by injecting life back into the so-called “dead season”. We give shoulder season the figurative cold shoulder by getting out there and making the most of everything this glorious season has to offer. Are you with us?!

Good. Now here’s how we’re going to do it.

From here on out, shoulder season represents endless opportunity. Surfing? Yep. Camping? Where’s our tents? Climbing? Hell yeah. Anything and everything? You better believe it.

The first thing in your bag...

Shoulder season should be viewed as the “jack-of-all-trades” adventure season. You can literally do anything. Temperatures are comfortably chill enough for high-octane activities, yet not quite cold enough to keep you bundled up inside.

For a season like this, you’ll need a “jack-of-all-trades” garment. Enter your Mons raglan. The idea behind these beauties was for them to be the first thing in your bag for round the world travels. But what a raglan really is (and we cannot stress this enough) is your any adventure shirt.


Our raglans are Mons’ most versatile piece of clothing. That’s right, the most versatile in the entire collection. Why?


Shout-out to merino sheep for once again providing us with a multi-talented fabric for Mons’ multi-talented fans. Our raglans work hard as a baselayer, keeping you comfortable and warm. Throw them on under your outer-layers for early morning hikes and evening beach sunset beers. However, they just as easily go with a pair of jeans or bike shorts. And with a standard fit, these babies are not too loose and not too tight. They’re juuust right.

Pack less, do more

Oh, and guess what? Because merino is odour-free, multi-day wears are no problem. The name of the game is pack less, do more. Now all you have to worry about is how far you’ll go and whether you have enough gas in the tank to get you there.


Join us this April as we give shoulder season the cold shoulder. We’ll be sharing several raglan adventures with you along the way, so keep your eyes on our channels for exploration inspiration.

Want your own raglan? We don’t blame you. Check out our beautiful array of colours and styles from our latest Fall Winter ’19 collection.

Now get out there.

Viva La Raglan - $120.00
Viva La Raglan - $120.00
ICON Raglan LS - $120.00
ICON Raglan LS - $120.00

Photos: Victoria Caffrey

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