From Lake Wanaka New Zealand, Mons Royale creates versatile merino clothing designed to deliver both technical performance and style. We don’t think you should have to compromise either one of these, which is why we strive to design garments that riders love because they work brilliantly and feel great to wear and look good on. We want to create clothes you want to wear every day, not just the days you’re out on the hill.

Good gear costs hard-earned readies so you should expect value in return and we think a single use garment you leave in the drawer 340 days a year doesn’t cut it.

That’s why we do what we do. We make awesome garments from merino wool that perform as brilliantly as they look great on you, wherever you are. Garments for killing it in on your bike, skis or boards. Garments that work for the other activities in your life and for kicking back in afterwards. Garments you can wear whilst bragging about it in the bar and keep you looking sharp the whole time. At Mons Royale we design for riders’ lifestyles.

Our goal is to create garments that work as well on the mountain as they look good on the street. We do this with merino wool because it’s way better than any other fibre for the kind of activities we’re into – It is super soft, warm (even when it’s wet), ultra-breathable, helps to regulate your temperature, dries quickly and doesn’t stink.

This approach has built a global fan base who share our belief that performance and style are not polar opposites. Stocked in over 400 retail stores around the world, Mons Royale is worn by some of the World’s best action sports athletes, including the New Zealand Olympic Team.





For a long time, wooly undies were what your Dad wore in winter. A few people had discovered the miracle fibre, merino wool, but frankly, wooly undies just weren’t sexy.

That changed in 2009 when, fed up with what was available, the founders of Mons Royale created some merino garments they actually wanted to wear. Shortly afterwards the first Mons Royale range hit the shelves of retailers in New Zealand. (Actually it arrived two months late, but luckily still before the first snowfall!) Alongside a seriously sexy ad campaign that got tongues wagging Mons Royale brought merino to a whole new audience.

Later that year we shipped our first international order to Amalgan in Laax Switzerland and in February of 2010 Mons Royale exhibited at the ISPO Trade Show in Munich and made Mons Royale’s unique take on merino available to riders across the globe.Since then, product has been flying off the shelves, appearing in magazines, movies and webisodes thanks to our team riders and also due to a whole unofficial Mons crew that weren’t meant to be wearing Mons Royale because of their contracts, but did so because they loved it and wanted to help spread the word.Mons Royale is now available in stores across Canada, the USA, France, Switzerland, Norway, Japan Australia and New Zealand.

Distributors shops and interested fans continue to contact us from around the world.That’s it, a rather short history we know, but we’ll try and keep making it! A big thanks to all the people that have given Mons Royale some love and are helping to spread the word.Like what we are up to? Feel free to email us with your feedback. Maybe you would love to see us bring out a certain colour, style or graphic? Tell us. We love to hear from people who’re out there doing it in their Mons Royale gear. Please understand if we don’t get back to you straight away. Sometimes we’re out riding…



We’re often asked about our manufacturing process and we can say we are extremely proud of our manufacturing partners whom we have chosen for their focus on quality, consistency, scalability and ethics. Everyone we work with meets our standards for using clean technology, fair treatment of workers and garment quality. We aim to do things the right way, respecting the people we work with and with a high regard for animal welfare and the environment which supports us all.

The factory uses state of the art technology, consisting of the latest German knitting and spinning equipment with a wool cleaning and combing plant that recycles and cleans its water using a purification system. The wool spinning plant recycles heat through an air conditioner and also uses a water purification system.Our textile and garment manufacturing plant uses environmentally friendly dyes and the water used for dyes is processed through a water purification plant to neutralise any chemicals and ensure only clean water goes back into the environment.

We take animal welfare extremely seriously and consequently have worked with our supply chain partners to ensure that all of the wool used in our AW16 range is traceable and certified 100% non-mulesed or ceased mulesed by Deloitte & Touche GmbH.


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